Movie Night: UNSOUND

A Base Community Event

A night of community & Connection

7 December 2021 7:30pm start Limited tickets – $15 each available here

Unsound is an Australian feature film directed by Ian Watson (Doctor Doctor, Janet King).

SYNOPSIS: When gigging guitarist, Noah, finds himself disillusioned and transient, he quits the band of his 90’s pop icon mentor, and returns to his mother’s home in Sydney, Australia, seeking connection and rejuvenation. Clashing with his mother over old wounds, Noah seeks solace elsewhere, and soon finds himself swept up in the vibrant, passionate life and of a young, trans-man, Finn, who is a proud, Auslan-only speaker who works and runs a local centre and nightclub for his deaf community. Together, the pair traverse new ground, sharing their languages – Noah’s music and Finn’s signs – with one another. They move carefully, as this is Finn’s first relationship while he is on the precipice of diving into his trans journey. Finn struggles to spread his wings and come into his own, as he suffocates beneath his father’s over-protection and the financial strife facing his club. Determined to reapply to his music and join a community, Noah offers to help aid the club any way he can. But as the two become closer, and with no shared language to fall back on, they only risk hurting each other, as they learn to be true to themselves.


This is a Base Community Event. The Base Communities mission is to make it easier for children, young people and families within our community to access appropriate and timely resources and services in support of their wellbeing. We recognise the connections between physical health, social connectedness, and mental health, The Base Community (The Not For Profit arm of the BASE Health Care Service) advocates for improved service integration and collaboration amongst service providers. With your support and contribution, we can deliver innovative, trauma-informed, and evidence-based support through a range of interventions, community events, and programs. Our focus on social inclusion aims to resource people, families and communities with tools for sustainable wellness.