Trauma sensitive yoga

6 week Trauma Sensitive Yoga Series with Sarah Truman

TSY is a 6 week adjunctive treatment to overall therapy plan.

Program times and dates:
Tuesdays at 11am Starting May 3rd
Wednesdays at 5:30pm Starting  May 25th
Mondays at 10am Starting July 25th
Fridays at 9am Starting August 5th
Tuesdays at 6pm Starting August 9th

This program is designed to help you bring your body into your therapeutic healing plan. They focus on you learning to be empowered, encouraging you to be curious and to make the choices that are best for you.

These Sessions are based on research from Bessel van der kolk & Stephen Porgess. They draw on Dr Siegel s Window of Tolerance & Dr Pogress Polvagal Theory as well as Key Yogic Prinicples such as the Kosha Model where the focus is on integrating the whole body.

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What to expect in session:

  • There are no set shapes: options for standing, sitting/laying on the floor or chair based.
  • Generally the sessions are at a slower pace and you can choose the intensity that you practice at – or you can choose to be still and rest.
  • Every one in the session stays on their own mat and in their own space including Sarah.
  • There is no music, the space is very minimalistic, no scents are used and outside distractions are reduced as best as possible.


If you have any questions about the suitability of this series if you would like you are invited to reach out and ask any questions.

“A Trauma Sensitive yoga class facilitates bi – directional feedback and improves the integration of both the pre-frontal cortex function (higher function) and vagal nerve regulation (lower function)” Gard 2014

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