Newcastle Breathing Circle Monthly at The Base

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Jennylee at Breathe & Be You  brings Newcastle Breathing Circle is open to anyone interested in conscious connected breathwork. Held monthly so that people can come together and create a personal connection with the power of their own breath in the presence of the group. A powerful, nurturing and loving space for letting go of body memories that get in the way of you leading a full and amazing life.

Breathwork helps you connect to your body and go to the core of the issues that present themselves to you every day.
6.30pm – 9pm
$50 + $2.95 Booking fee
Monday 21st February
Monday 21st March
Monday 18th April
Monday 16th March
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A small group of 8 to create a beautiful connection.
USE YOUR NSW DISCOVER VOUCHER to receive $25 off the circle price. One voucher per transaction.


~ Breathing Circle opens with a silent or guided meditation/attunement and each session provides space for group participants to share experiences and breathe together.
~ Individuals set a personal intention to breathe and participate in a simple ritual to honour the sacred energy of the breath.
~ The conscious connected breathwork session is an opportunity to bypass what you think you know and connect your body, mind and spirit through your breath. A deeply personal experience and at the same time supported by the small and intimate group.

Breathwork could be for you if you are feeling:

* stressed and anxious all the time?
* overwhelmed with life?
* a sense of somehow being incomplete; that something is ‘missing’
* of numbness or flatness; of just going through the motions
* of hopelessness, apathy and indifference; like a spark is missing
* a sense of being disconnected from life or what is around you; as if you are living in a dream
* feeling lost, indecisive and aimless
* procrastination; time wasting; or finding it hard to sustain focus or effort
* a lack of confidence and self-belief
* of having a strong inner critic who puts you down and is always on your back
* phobias and anxieties; fearfulness
* addictions or other compulsive behaviours and/or thought patterns
* a sense of never having really recovered from a past event
* repeatedly returning to a person, location or behaviour that is unhealthy for you
* inability to move on from an issue or event, despite efforts to do so
* finding it hard to (re)invest in the future with enthusiasm and optimism
* of grief, fear, anger or rage that you cannot seem to shake off


Please email Jennylee with the details of your situation, and your contact information and she will call you for a chat prior to your registration if you are/have:

Cardiovascular Disease, including Heart Attacks
Severe Hypertension
Glaucoma or Retinal Detachment
Recent Surgeries
Recent Physical Injuries
Recent Infectious/Communicable Diseases
Psychiatric Hospitalization or Mental Illness (please discuss prior to registering)

For your first breathe you will be asked to complete a registration form. This is to ensure you have the best opportunity to breathe and follow you own process and provides me information so I can provide support during the breath cycle. The information is confidential and for use by the facilitator.



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