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Dance Movement Therapy is a form of therapy based on the principle of connection and wisdom – The connection between your body, mind and soul, and your bodies inherent wisdom in knowing what it needs. No dance experience is necessary, any BODY is accepted in Dance Movement Therapy.

Dance Movement Therapy can help you:-
* Calm and Regulate your nervous system
* Slow down and listen to your body
* Process and shift unresolved tension and trauma held in your body
* Connect to your self and others
* Release stress
* Increase self esteem and body awareness
* Support the relationship between your and your child (when working with parents and children)



Alana is passionate about the use of dance and play as a healing modality for children and their
families. She has over 10 years experience working with children and their families and has completed
her Bachelor of Early Childhood Learning & Development with Charles Darwin University, a Foundation
Course in Dance Movement Therapy with the International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia (IDTIA)
and the Advanced Clinical Training with Tensegrity Training in the Sunshine Coast, as well the Advanced
Clinical Program with Play Therapy Australia. Alana currently holds Associate Membership with the
Dance Therapy Association Australasia (DTAA) and Membership with the Australia Pacific Play
Therapy Association (APPTA).


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