Chakradance Workshop with Sacred Cacao Circle.

Saturday the 2nd of July 6.30 – 10pm.

This event is limited to 8 people.
Chakradance is a transformative & deeply healing movement therapy, based on Carl Jung philosophy that is practiced all around the world by thousands of people for over two decades.
Specific music is used to activate each of the 7 major chakras. You are taken on a deep inner journey with guided visuals, much compared to being in a waking dream. The space is safely held to do the inner work for deep personal healing.

No dance experience is required, you can move as gently or dynamic as you need. We dance with eyes closed or down cast in a candle lit room to tune into the body, rather than be distracted externally. Chakradance is all about connecting with your own natural rhythm on a soul level. This is a powerful yet gentle way to allow stress and trauma that gets stuck in the body to be gently released. This can be a profound experience and extremely liberating.

Many (including myself) have had a fear of dancing, or believe they can’t or aren’t good enough. Yet when a small child hears music they instinctively know to move without fear of judgment. It is a natural and healing part of the human experience practices by many cultures around the world for thousands of years. There is a conditioning that takes place at some point that tells us we are not good enough. This is learnt.

In Chakradance we ‘unlearn’ It is an opportunity to let go of old limiting beliefs in a safe environment, to listen to and remember your own bodies wisdom.

Chakradance has been life changing for myself, and thousands of people around the world who have experienced its power.

We open this workshop in Sacred Circle with heart opening Ceremonial Cacao before warming up the body and merging into the journey. This particular Workshop has more of a Winter feel. After the dance, you will be taken on a beautiful guided meditation with music through the Chakras. So bring a Yoga mat and blanket to get yourself nice and comfy for part 2 of the journey. We then close with a sharing Circle.

You will be given a Chakra health assessment to complete a few days prior to the workshop for your own interest. This is a great tool to identify areas that may be imbalanced, or where you are right on track. No judgement, this process is all about self awareness. Or as Carl Jung puts it, bringing our shadows to the light.

If this sounds like something for you, or you would like to learn more please feel free to contact me or click on the booking link at the top of the page.


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