About Us

Our Aim

‘The Base’ is an innovative integrated health service and community that seeks to build strong collaborative networks to revolutionising health care and help communities connect and thrive. Our culture is driven by compassion and the believe that mental health is everyone’s business and that everyone can contribute to positive change.
We are creating a community for all people to thrive. The Base is a safe place from where people can reconnect, and explore and implement what they need to be well.

We believe that mental health has many different roots and subsequently often needs a variety of solutions. There is no one size fits all. We aim to work collaboratively with clients and relevant others, to create a care plan that best fits the needs.

Our team of professionals are committed to delivering holistic mental health services in innovative, safe, and effective ways.

Our Philosophy

Mental Health is everyone’s business

We are a collective of mental health clinicians who aim to promote positive outcomes for clients and the community, through a commitment to base values of connection, belonging, adaptation and community. We have a multi model approach and will recommend different therapies for yourself and/or your family according to your individual needs and situation.



Our Services

Our services include traditional talking therapies, sensory integration, movement and expressive therapies. We also have contacts and partnerships with outside therapists.

For psychological and occupational therapy services a Mental Health Treatment Plan will be required from your GP in order to access the Medicare rebate. Other services do not require a referral go to our Services page for more information on what we can offer.