Why is there a gap fee on Medicare services?

The Base Health is not government funded and our clinicians work as sole traders. Most appointments at The Base are at least 60 minutes long which leaves the capacity for the day in most cases around 6 appointments with time in between for notes and planning.

Clinicians have overheads such as rent to pay and unfortunately the bulk bill system would not make the practice sustainable financially so a gap fee is added. We endeavour to be as inclusive as possible to patients in need and all clinicians have some capacity for concession rates. Please talk to your clinician if you would like to negotiate a concession rate.


What is the payment process?

The Base Health is a cash free practice. You will be asked for your card details on the intake form and payments will be deducted as appropriate at the time of or after your appointment(s).

If the fee is not honoured by the bank the Base administration staff will request a new payment method.

Payments are automatically processed 30 min into the appointment. If there is an issue with this, please let admin know when you arrive or when you cancel the appointment.


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance and missed appointments will attract the full fee. They are not eligible for Medicare rebate. Please see the Communications Policy for more detail of this.

In the case of a missed appointment the Base will attempt to contact you. It is standard practice that your GP will be informed of missed appointments.


Why do you charge cancellation/missed appointment fees?

Our cancellation policy is in place to ensure the best use of appointments. It is not only the missed payment that The Base is concerned about but also the missed opportunity to service a person or family. Where the patient is unable to travel to the appointment or suffering from a cold telehealth is nearly always offered.

Most of our clinicians are running waitlists and cancellation lists and we endeavour to fill cancelled appointments where possible in which case there is no charge.

The clinician is able to override the cancellation fees at their discretion.

Please see our Communication Policy here


How do I access Medicare rebates?

You need to visit your GP for a preliminary assessment. The GP will complete a referral document which they can fax to us or give to you to take to the provider of your choosing. There are various types of referrals, the most common being a Mental Health Care Plan. This plan can be used for psychology and occupational therapist appointments, or family, couples, and individual therapy appointments with eligible clinicians.

The Mental health Care Plan allocates the Medicare rebate for 6 appointments initially. Your Mental Health Clinician will then advise your GP if you require a further 4 appointments and the GP will write a review. You will need to arrange an appointment with your GP for this review.

Other types of referral are available depending on your diagnosis. Your GP will know which referral is appropriate for your care.

The invoice must be paid in full before the Medicare rebate can be processed. Medicare rebates are processed at 4:30pm every day and should appear in your bank account on the next working day. A copy of the paid invoice and statement will be emailed to you.


Please contact us with any other enquiries