The Base Theatre is a space to create choice, freedom and acceptance.
Own your story and create the life you want to live.

Grow your voice and your power to create.

Nurture and strengthen creative expression.

Form emotional connections and friendships.

Explore humanity through theatre by dissolving barriers and practicing empathy.

Shine on stage, creating energy excitement and inspiration.

Write or select scripts that inspire you to action or provide cathartic release.

Actively engage in the process of healing by embodying a problem, bringing it to life and finding solutions creatively.

Psychodrama is a method that uses dramatic action and roleplay to assist individuals in unravelling aspects hidden in the shadow.

According to psychologist Carl Jung, ‘The Shadow’ is the rejected and repressed aspect of oneself. It is the part of us that we keep hidden from the world. The parts of us that have been silenced, shunned &/or abandoned. These may appear as: repressed ideas, shame, fears, or a lack of confidence, creativity & worth.

The most powerful therapeutic process I know is to contribute to rich story development.

—Michael White

Using psychodrama assists in reclaiming said lost parts through acknowledging & integrating them in a spontaneous & fun way. Because psychodrama is an action-based method which involves both mind and body, it often brings into awareness things stored within the unconsciousness. For instance, difficult or traumatic memories may become stored in our bodies & psyche if we did not have access to the support and resources needed to help cope and overcome the situation. That’s when we can experience coping mechanisms like dissociation, denial, distress or projection. These coping mechanisms, although not helpful now, were once imperative for our safety and survival. Therefore, it is important to allow space for these blockages to be seen, heard & understood as to increase satisfaction, confidence & empowerment in all aspects of life. One of the advantages of using this approach is making the more abstract things tangible through spontaneous talk and play.

The problem is the problem, the person is not the problem.

– Michael White and David Epston


Discover your wonderfulnesses through creative play, theatre games, storytelling, writing, drawing, drumming, music, mask work, play building and role play.

Not an actor? You don’t need to be.

The role-play in a psychodrama is not about acting, it is about gaining greater clarity and self-awareness so that you can discover the elements in your life that are preventing you from letting go, flowing & thriving.

60 minutes one to one psychodrama sessions are $87.

Rates for small groups are available.

Please call 02 4963 1387 or email to book.


More about our psychodrama practitioners:

Sage Scott “It takes courage to explore the shadow aspects – there’s a reason why we suppressed them in the first place – be it, societal, parental, peer pressure or programming. Are you ready to integrate the aspects of your shadow? In our sessions together we will explore physical, mental & spiritual components using gestalt counselling, reiki, hypnotherapy & performance art.
It is my passion to assist people in owning and reclaiming hidden parts of themselves as it allows for confidence, creativity and empowerment. If you feel called to work with me, I encourage you to begin to investigate what might be lurking within the shadows of your subconscious. Be gentle with yourself and take note of any triggers of defensiveness, sadness, lack, fear, anger, judgement or insecurity. The first step to integrating is to first own your shadow and accept it as a part of your authentic self and experience. Then we can work on reprogramming triggers and stepping into your most empowered self. Who said therapy had to be boring?”


Louise Chapman
Lou has a lifelong passion for performing arts and psychology.
She has a University of Newcastle, Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Performing Arts. Lou studied “matters of the soul” with David Mamet and William H Macy at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City, graduating from their 2-year professional acting conservatory.

She has also studied acting and playwrighting at NIDA and Griffin Theatre Sydney and is a classically trained dancer and musician.
Lou has empowered children of all ages to better their lives and relationships through theatre at 2 Till 5 Youth Theatre (now Tantrum) in Newcastle; Shopfront and Kick’s Performing Arts Schools in Sydney.

As a theatre practitioner in Zeal Theatre Company, Lou toured original productions exploring complex personal and social issues combining theatre, dance and music and conducted workshops with adolescents.

Lou is currently working with drama therapy clients and teaching acting at The Base Health and Community in Newcastle NSW.