Move with curiosity, purpose, expression, skill, acceptance and joy

Bodyfulness is about training movement and mindfulness simultaneously, in order to experience wholeness as a human animal.

MOVE Body & Mind Sessions
ANIMAL FLOW Intro Classes and Foundation Courses
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$35 for 90 minute group sessions.
Personal Coaching sessions are also available.


The cultivation of mindfulness in movement therapies is founded on artistic-kinesthetic action, or artistry of the body in movement. The body holds the hidden stories of life experiences and with the aid of movement experientials and specific movement training, the individual can draw these experiences to the surface, giving them shape and form, and change life stories to produce different endings, resulting in therapeutic benefits.

Movement training that is grounded in mindfulness positively impacts psychological and physiological health, improves self regulation, and cultivates the capacity for subjective well-being and self-awareness through attentiveness. Integral to mindful practices that are movement-based is the development of kinesthetic awareness, proprioception and interoception.

Active, autonomous and intentional engagement in motion is core to the sense of feeling in control over actions and their consequences, which in turn is fundamental to the development of a sense of identity and purpose, providing opportunities for self-empowerment and self-transformation.

Who is movement for bodyfulness suited to?

As humans we are all movers somewhere on the continuum. These offerings promote movement for EVERYbody.

About the Coach

Helen Ilich from Movement Continuum is a mover, and multi-disciplinary movement coach. Her movement foundation is Artistic Gymnastics, which from early in life brought her joy and self confidence, and had a formative influence on her understanding, perspective and appreciation of movement. She is a Tumbling coach, Stretch Therapy™ teacher and student of Dance Movement Therapy. Helen is also an Animal Flow® Instructor and represents Animal Flow® as Regional Leader. Animal Flow practice and dance are integral to her daily life and ongoing experience of movement for pleasure, research and in creating pathways to other artistic, athletic and enriching movement expressions.