Soul Gesture – Dance

As the great Martha Graham said "Dance is the hidden language of the soul".

Negative energy spreads through the whole body and is visible in movement and posture. Some people benefit from a literal reversal of this, using purposeful movement of the body to bring some positivity back to the mind.

If you are disconnected with your body, maybe you feel negatively about its shape or the aches and pains; maybe you feel nothing at all, dance can help. Dance bring you back to your body and out of your head. That is to say get away from your thoughts and the outside world and find some freedom within yourself.

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SOUL GESTURE Therapeutic Dance at The Base

Allow your body to be more than just the shell in which you hide

Dance is literally about making shapes with the body, usually to music, often to express a mood or feeling. The only limits are those of safe movement (which are different for everybody) and in the imagination. It is not about nailing the triple turns, highest jumps or the splits (unless that’s what you want of course).

  • Stress relief
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Nurture creativity and imagination
  • Gross Motor Skills Development

 “The truest expression of a people is in its dance and its music. Bodies never lie.” —Agnes de Mille



  • Movement and breathing
  • Dance sequences in a range of styles
  • Guided improvisation

This is different from a dance school:

  • Suitable for any body, all levels of ability and experience.
  • No mirrors
  • No uniform (wear clothes you are comfortable to move in)
  • No performance expectations

4 week term $50

Due to COVID restrictions bookings are essential: Please call 02 4963 1387 or email to secure a place.



30 minute one to one sessions are available at $30 each. Our main studio is upstairs but a downstairs room is available on request.

Call 02 4963 1387 or email to book a session


About the teacher

Jen Murrell loves to lose herself in dance. It has been her outlet and escape all her life because she never grew out of that ability that little kids have to jump around and not care what they look like. Jen started dancing lessons at about 6 years old when the gymnastics teacher told her parents she would never be any good so it was not worth continuing.

After high school Jen enrolled in a 2 year dance course which lead her to a BA (Hons) in Dance. Jen’s choreography life started at 18 years old and has since taught all ages and abilities in Scout variety productions and at various dance schools. Jen also works as a dance teacher in Mayfield.

While she loves the performances (both performing herself and watching those she has taught perform) Jen’s belief in the therapeutic nature of movement i.e. dancing for the good of one’s own soul, is the main reason for wanting to move and teach others. Jen jumped at the opportunity to use dance in a therapeutic fashion and share the freedom that we all have within us.