Tuesday 6pm Starts November 2nd $160 Book Here

A 6 Week Trauma Informed Session limited to 6 people

In a Trauma Informed Yoga session you will find the language invitational. It is a choice based practice designed to empower you to rediscover your own sense of agency. A interoceptive journey that is Trauma informed these sessions are very different from western modern yoga classes.

What you need to know first… More & more research is evolving demonstrating how the body holds & stores emotions & trauma. Sometimes during our practice forgotten emotions come to the surface although this is not the intention of the program it is something participants should be aware of before enrolling.  The Physical aspect of this program invites participants to create different forms/shapes with the body & includes the option to make choices that are suitable for you or you can choose to follow along with Sarah or a combination of both.

Each session you are invited to participate to the level that suits you in that moment.